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Flying Little Lion Man. #picasso #believeshecanfly #GoPro #Hero3 #GoProApp @gopro

Flying Little Lion Man. #picasso #believeshecanfly #GoPro #Hero3 #GoProApp @gopro

This is great.

We can never finish Risk! Yes I’m addicted. #risk #addicted #takestoolong

We can never finish Risk! Yes I’m addicted. #risk #addicted #takestoolong

This looks pretty awesome! The footage is pretty amazing!

I’ve committed to TV

I FINALLY saw the first episode of Game of Thrones Season 1. WOW! Amazing. So good that I saw 3 in a row.

For those of you who know me, you all know that I don’t watch television. It’s just not my thing. Never did it when I was small and up to now I have never done it. I’ve never seen a full season of any TV show but Entourage. I just kind of refuse to sit on my ass and do nothing. I know they are good but I kind of prefer to be active or doing something where I’m learning…

BUT… I decided to give Game of Thrones a chance. Everyone is talking about it. It’s all over the place. I’m being left out of conversations. I needed to see it.

I did and it’s AMAZING. I will attempt to finish Season 1 and 2 by the end of the week to catch up. I’m excited.


my first time …

I went camping for the first time over the weekend. It’s easy as 123 and the reward is great! I think I’ll buy a tent and do some more camping in the near future.

Here is a timelapse of us setting up our tent. One of the poles had a dent so it had an awkward shape. Boom!

My first time … from Rolando Alonzo Romero on Vimeo.

Tough day for a Mexican-American …


This might be a foolish post, but I find myself explaining to everyone every time US and Mexico play why I support both teams.

My Mexican friends give me shit all the time for it. “How could you support the US?” “You’re Mexican …US Soccer sucks” “Donovan is gay”

My American friends … Well most of them sadly don’t support US soccer so they’re often confused. “Wait you actually like US soccer?” “Are you not Mexican?” “Do we even actually have a good team?” “I bet we suck”

The truth is I do. I support both teams and to be honest I find myself following the US soccer team more than Mexico’s team. I was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas. My mother was born/raised in San Antonio and my father was born/raised in Coahuila Mexico. I’ve played soccer my entire life. 

It is easy to understand why I support Mexico’s team. Mexico is generally the better team. Soccer is bigger in Mexico. I’m Mexican. It’s pretty simple. I guess the real question is why on earth would I support the US soccer team? They are not usually the better team. No one in the United States really follows soccer, but I am American! I’am American and I enjoy soccer. Why would I not support the US soccer team? I understand that in the past years the US soccer team has not been the greatest, but it is growing and we are getting better. The only way the US is going to get better is if we continue to support it. It would be disappointing if I didn’t  and would not be helping the cause. 

Like I said… this post might be foolish. I’m Mexican American and I’ll continue to support both teams. The game tonight will be fun. Let the best team win.



“Scalable Dreams (Typo Poster)”
Image by TheSerpentTheCharmer

I have not posted in a while! Why is it so hard to keep up with these things? I’ll try to get it going again? Who reads this anyway? 

I purchased a Go Pro in December as an Xmas gift to myself.Check it out! I’ve shot a couple of things!

Good night little sucker and goodnight all. #picasso (Taken with Instagram)

Good night little sucker and goodnight all. #picasso (Taken with Instagram)

Sep 26, 2012

Go see this! Last night this film was Fantastic Fest’s secret screening. It was amazing, hilarious, intense, hardcore, gross, innocent, “romantic” … a lot of things. Go see it!